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Monthly Tarot Card pulling: December

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I´ve been exploring Tarot as a means to connect to my intuition, gain deeper insights into myself  and my journey and I invite you to join me in this new venture — with a monthly Tarot card pulling.

We´re kicking it off in December.

The Card I pulled is: Judgement.

What does it tell us about what this month has in store for us?

It´s all about Transitioning and Surrender

What often prevents us from moving into our next chapter?

It’s the struggle to cling to the familiar.

Even when we sense, on a deeper level, that the old is not working anymore, and change is about to come – holding on to the old and familiar feels so much more comfortable than stepping into the unknown.

This month’s Tarot card serves as a gentle reminder to release the old and surrender to change.

Acknowledge that certain aspects of your life have served their purpose and now it’s time to move on.

This is a vulnerable period, marked by the grief and resistance of leaving behind the familiar. Whether it’s certain beliefs, established patterns, a job, or a relationship—these aspects of our life provide a sense of safety. Whereas what expects us – the unknown- feels unfamiliar and not safe.

Consequently, stepping away from them can cause us discomfort and we try to avoid that at any cost.

But if you tune deeply into yourself, connect to your higher self, you sense that it’s time to move on. To shed the past. Just like a snake shed her skin, it’s time for you to find comfort in releasing that old and be comfortable in your own skin again.

Balancing intuition and intellect

The Judgement card is an invitation to reconnect to your intuition. Let her speak to you and guide you through the chaos of change.

If you listen closely to your intuition, your higher self, you will have clarity. About what it is that needs to be left behind.. and what the next step looks like.

At the same time, we are asked to use our intellect and reflect back:

What have I learned?
Where have I come from?
What have I achieved already?

This is your time to balance the soft whisper of your intuition with the clear understanding of your intellect. This will be your magic combination to leave the old behind and step confidently into the new.

Release control and lean in

Surrender is that gentle state where you´re able to release the tight grip of control and battle.

What instead?

Rest in the moment, knowing that things are going to work out if you let them to.

Horseback riding in Venezuela – the ultimate lesson in surrender

A couple of years ago, I was doing a horseback riding trip in Venezuela. Even though I don´t particularly like it, but I thought this could be fun (spoiler: it was ).

On our way back home, a motorbike passed by our small group from behind – it was so noisy, that it created a big mess in our so far peaceful trip.

The woman behind me fell off her horse, as it reared up, being frightened from that weird noise. Being scared myself seeing that, I grasped tighter to the reins. I wanted to direct my horse to turn around and help the woman – but no chance.

The harder I tried, the less it happened. My horse was just as frightened as I was. It reared up me almost falling off, and then running straight ahead. Simply ignoring my desperate attempts to slow it down and direct it. She was stubborn and just did her thing (I assume it was a female horse).

So what I did: surrender. There was nothing else to do, really. I loosened my grip on the reins, made myself as comfortable as possible on the horseback. And just leaned in.

What happened: the horse slowed down. Continued at a steady pace. And safely brought me home! Imagine that.

The only thing, to get back home safely, was to surrender and relax.

Trusting the journey

This monthly card invites you to loosen your grasp to control where nothing is to be controlled. When you open your hands you literally open your heart – and make space for your intuition to speak to you.

Remember, you are not alone in this. There is guidance. Whether that´s the Universe having your back, the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas always being there for you, your higher self – you have a whole team of watchful guides, if you let them to.

Surrender to the fact that change is inevitable and trust that answers will come as you live into the questions.

The key is to follow your intuition step by step, knowing that the next step will reveal itself once you take action – messy as it may be.

Key Takeaways

Stop the battle of holding on to the old. Lean into change. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Surrender. Find strength in vulnerability, clarity in chaos, and the courage to shape a future that truly aligns with your heart’s desires. Know you are being guided. Your past experiences empower you for that nex change.

Tapping into Transitions

Explore tapping for relief during this transition. Topics like grief, resistance, and vulnerability can be addressed through tapping. Download my free PDF for basic instructions and follow me on IG for mini-tutorials that will be released during this month.

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