Group Events & Classes

May 2024:
Cultivating Strength & Clarity
One Day ONLINE Retreat

Weekly Events:

Tap into calm - Weekly EFT Tapping

Mindful Moments - Weekly Meditation & Relaxation

Other Events:

Chakra Harmony

The flow of each session:

  • breathing exercises
  • EFT Tapping 
  • meditation and visualization
  • more tips and tricks!

When: Starting TBC
11 am CET, 10 am BST – appr. 75 min.
Where: Online
What: 4 weekly group sessions (can be booked separately!)
Energy exchange: 17 € per session

Contact & booking: or WhatsApp +33 6 21 438217

Chakra Harmony Series is a unique experience designed to help you clear your chakras and address the related issues that may be holding you back.

Our chakras are vital energy centers that play a crucial role in our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. When these energy centers are blocked or imbalanced, it can lead to various physical and emotional issues.

In each session we´ll focus on one specific Chakra and work to resolve related issues, so that you achieve a greater sense of balance and harmony in your life.

Emotional Resilience Circle

Heal emotional wounds and find peace

The flow of each session:

Each session is unique and focuses on a different modality. These include: 

  • breathing exercises
  • meditation and visualization
  • communcation tools
  • drawing & journaling exercises
  • EFT Tapping 

When: May 2024
Where: Online
What: weekly group event to help you process & express emotions 
Contact & booking: or WhatsApp +33 6 21 43821

In a closed group, we´ll meet weekly for 6 weeks. The aim of this circle is to help you become aware of, process and express emotions in a healthy way that feels good and authentic to you, 

I will facilitate practices such as meditation, breathwork, EFT as well as drawing (no need to be an artist!) and communication tools to express and connect with others. 

Intuitive Living: Nurture Your Inner Wisdom

Take away:

Equip yourself with tools to quiet the mind, understand your intuition’s language through sensations, and act on intuitive choices that align with your authentic self.

Experience increased inner peace, a strengthened connection to your inner voice and your “yes” and “no” answers.

The flow of the Workshop:

  • self-applied energy massage
  • EFT tapping (Emotional Freedom Techniques)
  • breathing exercises
  • meditation and visualization
  • more tips and tricks!

When: June 2024
What: Interactive 
Where: Online 
Energy exchange: 35 €
More info: or WhatsApp: +33 6 21 43 82 137

It´s always there – speaking to us softly, in often unfamiliar language, waiting to be heard. Our intuition.

Our inner voice, that guides us into the most magical experiences and a life that is us authentic to us.

The trick is: we need to learn to speak and understand it´s language.

🌟 Join me in this workshop where I’m excited to share my favorite practices that have deepened my own connection with intuition.

When we re-connect to our intuition, we empower us to:

🌌 Make decisions effortlessly⁣
💪 Navigate Life’s challenges with confidence
🌈 Embrace change and courageously step into the unknown⁣

This workshop welcomes anyone who wants to tap into their intuition and cultivate self-awareness. ❤️