About Me

Hi, I´m Sina. EFT practitioner. Yoga and Mindfulness instructor

Hi! I´m Sina

I´m an advanced certified EFT practitioner, Yoga and Mindfulness instructor and an advocate for authenticity and holistic well-being. 

I´m also a journal enthusiast, a Projector 6/2, November-Scorpio,  and an introvert. I’m a seeker: seeking my own authentic path and freedom in a world full of noise and expectations. 

I love to explore the world, inside and outside. I’m a stubborn optimist.  I truly believe, that by healing ourselves we heal the world and make it a more compassionate and safe place to be. 

I am passionate about: the power of our mind, meditation & mindfulness, mental & emotional health, mind-body connection, Buddhism, as well as zero waste. I love books, plant-based food and spending time in nature. 

Sina EFT practitioner

My background

  • Accredited and certified EFT practitioner with EFT International 
  • Yoga teacher training with Power Yoga Institute
  • Trained and certified with Sound Planetarium 
  • Facilitating Yoga classes on an international basis 
  • Training and practicing NVC – non violent communication 
  • Practicing and studying  MSC – mindful self-compassion 
  • Certified in Thai Yoga Massage
  • Reiki Level I and II 
  • Tibetan Buddhist studies since 2016
  • Meditation and Mindfulness teachings from international teachers of different traditions  (e.g. Alan Wallace, Mingyur Rinpoche, Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo)
  • Participation in several meditation retreats (from one week to three months, groups and solitary) in Asia and Europe 
  • Supply Chain Manager at a start-up company 
  • International Area and Sales Manager  
  • Masters degree in Business and American studies
  • Volunteering in a Dharma center in France 

Seeking my path by traveling the world

Already as a child, I had a small suitcase and loved to pack. Traveling, as often as possible, has given me a sense of freedom and empowerment. It has broadened my mind and shaped who I am today in many ways.

As I grew up, I struggled to find my path and break out of harmful patterns. For a long time, I felt stuck and powerless in my life, like nothing was moving.  I was looking for direction and meaning outside, but didn’t find it. You would say I was successful with creating a life similar to everyone around me. That was great for some time. But it was not mine and I kept looking for more. Trying to find answers with the same mindset and behavior that brought me there just left me depleted. 

Despite all fears and doubts, something I had visualized for long time happened in 2016: I quit my job in Hamburg to follow my urge to travel – and found myself seeking freedom within. That involved sitting on many meditation cushions in India and Nepal, silent pilgrimages in the Himalayas and deepening my studies of Yoga and other healing modalities. 

During that time, I found my spiritual home in Tibetan Buddhism – this has become an integral part of who I am and how I show up in the world. This ancient science of the mind has been truly empowering to me – teaching me that each of us holds the power to create happiness, change our mind and the world around us. It´s all within us! 

I learned what it means that Freedom is an inside job. By healing ourselves, releasing emotional baggage, harmful patterns and conditioning we begin to feel more free. Take conscious choices. Respond instead of react. Create a life authentic to ourselves – instead of following the noise and expectations of the world around us. 

My biggest dreams came true once I decided to leave my uncomfortable comfort zone and ventured into the unknown – step by step. Taking my fears, anxieties, doubts and worries with me, instead of letting them stop me. And so it happened, that I left my home in Hamburg, met His Holiness the Dalai Lama, and ventured into a nomadic lifestyle. I never ever thought this would be possible for me – until it did.

Self-discovery and healing

I explored different modalities that helped me connect to myself and supported me to move through challenging times.

In 2006, Yoga literally changed my life as it helped me to develop a healthy connection to my body. Over the years, I also connected to Meditation and Mindfulness practices, Reiki, NVC, Breathwork and Bodywork such as Thai Yoga massage.

The first time I heard about EFT was in 2017 while I was taking a month long meditation course at a Buddhist monastery in Nepal. Two years later, I was fully diving into it. As an over-thinker, I love EFT for it´s ability to go beyond the rational mind. It connects me to my innate resources beyond analyzing and heals on a very deep level. 

Freedom is an inside job. But when we´re caught up in the messiness of life, we may not see a way to get there. The more we heal, release and listen to ur intuition, the more we get to understand what it is that we want to create. How we want to show up. How we want to live and love. How we can feel free and alive. 

I really would love you to find that out for yourself. If I can help you a bit on that journey, I would truly be honored.