Hi! I'm Sina

and here to help you cultivate inner freedom
to live an authentic and empowered life.

Hi! I´m Sina

So happy you are here!

I’m a certified clinical EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) practitioner and a Yoga and Meditation instructor. I am also a Sound Healing expert as well as an advocate for authenticity and holistic well-being.

I create a safe and judgment-free space for personal transformation where people learn how to cultivate the inner freedom to live an authentic and empowered life.

My goal is to help individuals feel free, empowered and alive, live authentically, thrive in their relationships, heal their past and move through change with confidence and ease. 

All sessions in German or English. 

Sina Weber Emotional Freedom Techniques

Life can be messy, confusing and overwhelming

What instead of feeling:

  • stressed and overwhelmed, finding it difficult to relax
  • anxious and constantly alert
  • low in energy and motivation
  • overtaken by racing thoughts
  • stuck and not seeing a way through 
  • lost in heavy and uncomfortable emotion
  • disconnected from yourself 

You could:

  • feel more energised and connected to yourself
  • be emotionally balanced and feel calm
  • relax and release physical and emotional tension 
  • have a good understanding of your patterns and how to enable long-lasting change
  • feel more light and ease in body and mind
  • stress less and enjoy more

Master Your Emotions with my Free EFT Tapping Workbook!

Imagine you could regulate and process challenging emotions with the tip of your fingers. 

EFT tapping is a simple yet powerful technique can help you to process emotions more effortlessly. This technique involves tapping on meridian points and can help you release stuck emotional issues and energy that may be holding you back. It empowers you to meet the ups and downs of life with more ease and confidence.

Discover the power of EFT tapping for yourself by downloading my free workbook today!

EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques

EFT falls under the umbrella of Energy Psychology, also known as cognitive somatic practices.

Combining ancient knowledge of acupressure with aspects of modern talk therapy, it is a powerful mind-body approach for emotional healing and personal development. As such, it is the perfect modality to deepen you awareness and overcome emotional obstacles that may be standing in your way.

EFT empowers us to gently explore our inner world and create long-lasting change in all areas of your life. 

Whether you suffer from anxiety, work stress, past traumas or physical pain, EFT may bring you the relieve you’ve been looking for.

The efficacy of EFT is evidence-based. It´s physiological and psychological benefits has been demonstrated by numerous studies.

Ways to work with me

I offer a safe space and gently guide you through a process that supports the release of stuck emotional issues, limiting beliefs and patterns of behavior that no longer serve you.

Thus creating space for transformation and long-lasting change in all areas of your life.

You will learn tools and strategies that empower you to navigate through the messiness of life with calm, ease and confidence. 

 This journey of self-discovery starts within ourselves. Healing our past and expressing our authentic self is the most precious gift we can give – to ourselves and the world around us.

1:1 online
Group sessions
Corporate sessions

 “And you? When will you begin that long journey into yourself?”


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