From Cringe to Creative Action

From Cringe to Creative Action

Overcome feelings of cringe and take aligned actions to put yourself and your ideas out there

A 3-week transformational tapping experience for creative souls

This 3-session workshop is designed to support creative souls on their often long and windy path of authentic creation and expression. 

Many of us creative souls feel vulnerable and uncomfortable putting ourselves and our ideas out there. 

Even if you know you have a portfolio of skills and ideas, sharing it with the rest of the world often leaves you feeling cringe. 

Together as group of like-minded creatives we´ll explore emotional blocks, beliefs and patterns that stand in the way between you and your creative expression and work to freeing up mental and emotional energy for your creative endeavors.

Whether you consider yourself an artist, writer, entrepreneur –  this is a good match for you if:

  • Your harsh inner critic keeps you from exploring your creative ideas.
  • You know you have a huge portfolio of skills and ideas, but you hesitate to put yourself out there.
  • You want to express yourself through creative projects but don´t know how.
  • Maybe you you even believe you are not creative enough.
  • You worry about what others think and it keeps you from creating freely. (e.g. you don´t publish that Video).

We´ll explore:

🌎 Limiting core beliefs and convictions around expression and creativity 


🌎 Overcoming Procrastination and Resistance: lean into taking action, even if messy. 


🌎 Embracing authentic visibility: we´ll address fears, anxieties and hesitations related to sharing your work with others / being visible


🌎 We´ll celebrate the steps you have already taken and amplify that energy together!

This is an interactive workshop, I keep the number of participants limited, so that it is more personal, feels safe, and we´ll have more time for interaction.

This is a journey from hesitation and self-doubt to taking proactive steps towards creative expression and entrepreneurial projects. 

It is for you if you´re curious to explore the deeper roots of why you´re not progressing with your projects and looking to change that. 

My ultimate wish for this workshop is that you feel fully alive being connected to your creative flow, having the courage to take messy action and experiencing a sense of creative freedom. 

The skills you’ll learn in this course are essential to achieving autonomy with your emotions, feeling safe sharing your ideas, lean into discomfort and putting yourself back in the driver’s seat of your creative journey, allowing you to share from your heart with confidence and authenticity.

Our journey together:

At the heart of this group experience lies the transformative power of EFT, a somatic approach that takes you beyond surface-level solutions. 

We don’t just talk about challenges or analyze them – if this were the solution, you would be there already. 

We´ll bring a down-to-earth somatic approach into play – it’s like a roadmap to feeling more grounded, shedding emotional baggage, and finding comfort in your own skin.

What´s included:

  • 3 live online group sessions – recordings available for those who register
  • Duration of sessions: 90 minutes. (Given the creative and intuitive nature of the process, sessions may occasionally be longer. Please be aware of that.)

  • Dates of the group sessions: May 20th, 27th and June 3rd

  • Time: Mondays 5 pm CET / 6 pm BST / 8 am US Pacific / 11 am US Eastern / 20:30 IST You can check your own time zone here.

  • Maximum 12 participants 

Choose your payment option:

I offer this workshop on a tiered pricing structure: 

There are three options that are organised into different levels of financial well-being and freedom. And there’s also one extra option that gives you the opportunity to pay a little over the actual cost as a way of helping others by paying it forward. 

Please choose the payment option that feels appropriate to you and your financial  circumstances.

Pay-It-Forward price


Standard price


Supported price


Extra Support price


You can read more about this approach, how to choose your tier and my motivation behind here.  

If you still feel that the prices above are not accessible, please reach out to me. Together, we can try to find a solution that works for us both. 

Working together 1:1

Hey you! I´d be happy to explore working together to help you overcome your challenges.

Feel free to reach out to me at: 

or schedule a call with me: Discovery Call with Sina. ☎️ 

It’s completely free and the main purpose is to see if we´re a good match doing this deep and personal work together. 


💸 My aspiration is that everyone, regardless of financial means, can access the support they need and I’m really happy to offer a sliding scale pricing structure for my 1:1 sessions. Read more about it here

Here´s a very simple expression of the challenges I can help you with:

  • You´d like to feel more confident putting yourself and your work out there.
  • You know you have a huge portfolio of skills, but about you´re worried to taking the next step.
  • There are moments, where you´re not feeling worthy. 
  • You feel like you Insight and ideas are somewhere stuck in the ether and you can´t access them. 
  • You´re juggling between  bursts of productivity and overwhelm. 
  • You´re feeling like your brain is hijacking you from enjoying the present moment. 

Please also check out my Work with me page for more details and issues I can help with. 


How working with me can look like:

  • Safe and judgment free space to express and process challenging  emotions
  • We´ll begin with what bothers you most at the moment 
  • Gentle exploration and transformation of specific triggers
  • Look behind your present experience / challenges and explore possible root causes so that you can gain deeper insights, understanding, and freedom from stories of the past 
  • Cultivate your capacity to move forward with clarity and confidence 

In this world, which suggests to us all the time to be something else than what we want to – what we need to do is: less thinking, connecting to ourselves, feeling safe being and expressing ourselves. 


If thinking things through were the solution – you would have it already, right? 

Together, let’s go beyond surface-level solutions. We don’t just talk about your challenges; we use the most incredible teamwork you have: the connection between your body and mind.  


This is a Body-Centered process that takes you beyond overthinking and analyzing.


I truly believe that dropping into our body is the key to profound change. My approach is a way to release unresolved emotions and memories stored  in our body and process our experiences. 


By that we can open doors to paths and creative potential that have long been closed or even invisible to us. It´s a bit like taking off the blindfolds and seeing what´s really possible.


Sending lot´s of love your way,